A Breakdown of the Attacking Options for Memphis 901FC

by Michael Traynor (a.k.a. Scotland)

So I have done a quick analysis of our forwards (Muckette, Ramsey, Graf & Dally), and our two “attacking” midfielders (Najem & Collier). I am excluding Uccello & White for now as they have not had much game time. 


Muckette’s accuracy is highest at 80% from 348 passes, and having played the most minutes too (887). 60% of his passes are backwards, though. However, this may be him having his back to the goal near the box. He has 1 assist and 11 “key” passes. He has attempted the most crosses (13) but his accuracy is only 23%.

Najem is not too far behind, 77.1% from 407 passes, playing 811 minutes, 55% of these are forward passes. Najem long pass accuracy is good at 64.1% from 39 passes. He also makes the most passes per 90 mins (45). He has 1 assist and 18 “key” passes but his crossing accuracy is bad at 17%.

Collier has attempted a lot less passes (197) but accuracy is pretty good at 72% overall and 56% long (only 9 attempted). He has had 5 “key” passes and attempted 9 crosses with 0% accuracy.

Dally’s stats are similar to Collier’s except his long pass accuracy is only 30%, he has had 9 “key” passes, and his crossing accuracy is the best at 30% from 10 attempts.

Only stat of note from Ramsey and Graf is that Graf’s accuracy is lowest at 65%, but he also attempts the least.

So I’d say Najem and Muckette are on a par with passing, just looks like different styles. Muckette’s are likely short around the box, and Najem playing from deeper as our danger man from midfield. Collier’s passing doesn’t look to be as bad as everyone thinks. We are shite at crossing so we should keep it on the deck!


Not much of note here, as I’m sure you would guess.

Collier has attempted the most shots at 18 with 10 on target, a 56% accuracy. He has 2 goals. His goals per minute is the best at 357.

Muckette also has 2 goals from 14 shots, but only 3 on target, 21% accuracy.

Najem and Dally have a goal a piece with Dally’s being the only goal from outside the box. Dally’s goals per minute is very bad at 756.

So, from the stats, it looks like Collier is our most dangerous player. Yes, only 2 goals from 10 on target, but goals will come if he continues to put them on frame. Muckette’s goals were ones that we expected him to bury, but he did well to get in position and he was calm in the moment. 

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