A Letter to Doug and Dan

Dear Doug and Dan,

Tonight, Rogue Squadron will meet with Andrew Bell for the first time. In that meeting, we’ll talk about the future. It seems pretty obvious at this point that the USL group is the future of spectator soccer in Memphis, and we look forward to hearing Mr. Bell’s ideas.

Having said that, we want to pause and reflect on the last two years. All of the games we have attended, all of the flags we have waved, all of the smoke bombs we have ripped, all of the songs we have sung, all of the chants we have chanted, and, especially, all of the friendships we have made were only possible because the two of you brought spectator soccer to Memphis. That fact is not lost on us, and never will be. No matter what happens from here on, the two of you will always be the pioneers.

Sure, there were times we complained about this or that (because sports fans tend to be that way), but we were always thankful. Nobody had even attempted to start a team in Memphis for well over a decade. You brought us the beautiful game, and for that we are eternally grateful.

We wish you both well in all future endeavors. We hope to see you around. As the Irish blessing says, “May the road rise up to meet you.” Good luck, and thank you for believing in Memphis.


Scotty Smith, Donny Smith, Clayton France, Taylor Benson, Louis Brenton, Steven Solomon, Alan Davis, and Dr. Derek “the Irish Chaplain” McNamara, on behalf of Rogue Squadron


P.S. — Please thank your families on our behalf. We know that they were a big part of this effort. We’d love to see a Krantz or Collins playing for the home team in the future.

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