An Open Invitation From Rogue Squadron to Andrew Bell

Rogue Squadron, the supporters group for Memphis City FC, has issued an open invitation to take USL Memphis sporting director Andrew Bell out for an introductory dinner. You can read the entire invitation below. 


Dear Mr. Bell,

Welcome to Memphis! We are glad you are here. Your resume speaks for itself, and we all agree that Peter Freund and Craig Unger got the right man to lead USL Memphis.

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Rogue Squadron, proud and passionate supporters of Memphis City FC. We bleed maroon and orange, and will do so, as promised, “’til we die.” At the moment, however, we’re really not sure who or what we are supporting.

The rumors have been incredibly consistent this offseason. We’ve received information from people who attended the USL meetings, the NPSL meetings, and the National Coaches Convention, as well as our fellow supporters groups in the NPSL Southeast. We’ve even talked to a few youth coaches and prospective players. All sources say that the Redbirds have purchased our club in an effort to unify spectator soccer in Memphis.

If that is the case, we want to establish a relationship with the guy who runs the show. You have a passionate, dedicated group of about 30 men and women here. We have enjoyed the past two seasons immensely, and we want to do our part to support the team in 2018 and beyond.

Long story short, we are inviting you to dinner. Your food and drink are on us. We typically meet in the back room at Celtic Crossing. If you accept our invitation, we’ll contact DJ and see if we can reserve it.

Please note that we ain’t EVEN mad. We’re just a little in the dark here, and want to know what the future holds. Please accept our invitation to excellent food and drink in the beating heart of the soccer community in Midtown. You can reach us at, or through our various social media accounts.

@roguesquadronmc on Twitter

@mcfcroguesquadron16 on Facebook

@mcfcrogue on Instagram


Thank you in advance for your attention. We look forward to meeting you.



Rogue Squadron

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