5 Things We Expect to See at the #USL2Memphis Press Conference

by Scotty Smith

The USL Memphis presser is today at 4:00 at AutoZone Park. Here are some things we expect to see.

1. Supporters will march from The Brass Door to Auto Zone Park. 

American Outlaws have tweeted out that this is happening at 3:45. The predicted route is out the actual brass door at the front of The Brass Door (152 Madison Ave.), straight down Maggie Isabel, left on Monroe, and into the park via Toyota Plaza. Again, that is the predicted route. We’ll see what happens. 

2. The Mayor will brag on Memphis. 

I really want to see and hear the mayor today. The mayor shows up when something is really important and good for the city. If the mayor shows up, it’s a good sign that this team has the attention of the city. I have to admit that I am still skeptical on whether or not this city will support soccer. Seeing the mayor would ease my mind a bit. 

3. There will be people wearing navy and white scarves with the words “USL Memphis.”

This has happened for all the other cities. The USL Memphis scarf will suffice until the team name and colors are announced. We do not think we will see the name and colors today, so expect the navy and whites, which are good looking scarves.

4. Some distinguished member of the media will host. 

Joe Birch and Mearl Purvis are possibilities, as is our old pal Jarvis Greer. Give me Kontji Anthony for the win. Kontji is my girl.

5. Tim Howard will make an appearance. 

It might be out on a limb, but not that much of a limb. The team tweeted that he has been working behind the scenes and lending his expertise. We could see him today.

Come on down to The Brass Door at 3:00, over to Auto Zone Park at 4:00, or after work at The Brass Door. We’ll be looking to interview a few folks on the pod about what having pro soccer means for the city. Also, follow us on Twitter (@901soccerpod). We’re giving away a bottle of the good stuff to one lucky follower (and by good stuff, we mean Central BBQ hot). 

(Note: the event will be streamed live on Facebook live, or by following @USLMemphis on Twitter and instagram.)

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